Who am I?

Hi, hello, wassup, whaddup, what’s goin on, wats poppin, how art thou, hola, klok, heyyy friends…..

I’m Jenny… and you ended up here probably in search of something. Of course, I don’t want to distract you but I figure you would need to know me to understand the perception I have that will interact with what you’re looking for. I’m a Bronx-Dominican cis-woman, Afro-Latina vegan who has learned to love and protect my Black roots. I’m a matriarchy-loving, natural hair-wearin, laughter filled human and I would like to talk more about these aspects of my life. Therefore, any of the posts on my website will most likely come from this perspective/bias/P.O.V.

I hope you’ll still want to read my blog but at least you’re aware. Have a great day. I appreciate you.

humanly yours,

Jenny aka JMMZZ